Park and Ride (P+R) in Germany and Luxembourg, Parking relay or relay Parks (PR) in France and Belgium, are very large car parks strategically interconnected with bus, train and highway networks, which allows you to avoid the stress and traffic jams in the cities.

In addition to free parking, several services are available on site such as taxis and small shops or businesses. The P+R car parks on the borders are often covered and supervised, which make them particularly attractive for carpooling.

Relay parking on the borders

Map of P+R car parks on the Luxembourg border

Located right on the French border, the new P+R Belval offers 1,622 covered parking spaces on 5 levels. Free for people using Luxembourgish public transportation, this car park allows you to reach the Belval-Université station via a footbridge. From there, every quarter of an hour, a train can take you to the Luxembourg Central Station in 30 minutes. TICE buses serve the university campus and the city of Esch-sur-Alzette.

Relay parking in the suburban areas of bigger cities

Charleroi and Metz Métropole invite you to park your car before you reach congested traffic areas and take the urban transport networks. These are only two of many exemples in the Greater Region.

Three P+Rs in Charleroi, located 2 steps away from a bus or subway station, allow easy access to the city centre by public transport:

  • P + R Madeleine (200 places): access via National N5 (Brussels road) or A54
  • P + R Soleilmont (145 places including 130 places in the rue du Vélodrome and 15 places in the Rambulant street): access via Grand Ring R3 or N29 (Fleurus floor)
  • P + R Faubourg de Bruxelles (26 places): access via National N5 (Brussels road) or E42

In Metz, three P + R, located close to a METTIS station from which you can easily access the city centre. It is free for holders of a valid public transport ticket on the same day:

  • P + R Woippy is directly connected to the A31 from junction of Maxe, from here, you can go downtown with the A line every 10 minutes and there is a drop-off near the docks
  • P + R Fair Expo: connected to the south ring road (RN431) at the Grigy exchanger, this car park serves the south of Metz and the agglomeration, and you can go downtown with the B line every 10 minutes
  • P + R Rochambeau near downtown Metz connected by the A31 motorway interchange Metz-North, with a capacity of 130-300 places, the A line you to the city centre

These 3 P+R have free charging stations available for electric cars and sheltered parking for bicycles.

Relay parking at the main train station

The majority of the stations of the Greater Region offer large car parks and drop-offs.

In Germany, the main car parks close to the heart of the Greater Region are found in:

  • Saarbrucken
  • Trier
  • Wittlich
  • Kaiserslautern

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Parking in the city centre

Parking in the city centre is primarily intended for people with reduced mobility, including people with disabilities, adults with young children and seniors.

For this reason, several large cities, such as Metz, Luxembourg, Namur, Saarbrucken and Koblenz, are equipped with a computer-operated guidance system. This system provides real-time information to drivers about the location and number of parking spaces, which they can easily read on strategically placed signs.

A map of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility in Luxembourg City.

Parking aux entrées d'autoroute

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