Discover express connections within the community and border subscriptions that will meet your demands. Opting for public transportation is sustainable and gets you to your destination hassle-free and relaxed.

Rail in the Greater Region

Each country has its own train operator:

  • Deutsche Bahn (VLEXX GmbH, transregio Deutsche Regionalbahn GmbH, vectus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH, Rhenus Veniro GmbH & Co. KG, Vias GmbH), in the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate with RE and RB regional trains and intercity IC / ICE trains

ICE in Germany, TGV in France and the Thalys in Belgium are high-speed trains that cross the Greater Region and connect to the European network.

Each country has its own system to display train schedules:

  • In Germany, arrival and departure times are indicated on electronic displays in the lobby of the station and on the platforms. In addition white signs show the arrival times and yellow signs give departure times.
  • In France and Belgium, train departure and arrival times are always displayed on screens on the platforms and on a scrolling screen in the train station.


A bus, a tram, a BRT

A bus rapid transit in Lorraine?

A tram in Saarland?

A metro in Wallonia?

A hybrid bus in Luxembourg?

An on-demand service in Rhineland-Palatinate? 

Enjoy the many networks and cross-border lines of the Greater Region, which complement each other and can be combined to improve your mobility while protecting the environment. Don’t hesitate to use the cross-border lines for trips between two countries!

Toute la famille en voyage

Mobiregio is a collaborative platform bringing the public transport operators of the Greater Region together. Through cooperation we find ways to work together, exchange knowledge and best practices and inform the public of their options to travel in a sustainable way through the Greater Region.