Did you plan your journey in the Greater Region? Mobiregio presents the best routes and rates for cross-border public transport for travelling between Luxembourg and the Lorraine region, both for passengers with subscriptions and for occasional users of cross-border public transportation.



Flexway: simple, flexible and economic

Flexway is a rail pass, which allows you to make an unlimited number of trips between a station in Lorraine of your choice and Luxembourg for either a month or a year. The subscription can be downloaded onto your  SimpliCités card  and is valid for all public transports in luxembourg (AVL, CFL, RGTR, CTBT lines).   


Price examples :

Between Luxembourg andMonthly subscription
Thionville84,70 €
Metz135,70 €
Nancy241,90 €


Do you live on the border and have an M-Pass ? Not only is the M-Pass valid for one year for unlimited travel for all modes of public transport in Luxembourg and in the border areas for the national price, but it also allows you to benefit from the Flexpass. This annual subscription offers very attractive prices for your travels with Métrolor (a 75% discount from the normal rate). You can download your Flexpass onto your SimpliCités card and simplify your life by taking advantage of the monthly direct debit.



One single ticket, three countries ! At the price of only 26 Euros for the first passenger (or 28 Euros at the ticket office) and 10 Euros for each additional passenger (maximum 5 people), the Saar-Lor-Lux-Ticket allows you to use all German (RE, RB Deutsche Bahn), Lorrainian (Métrolor) and Luxembourgish trains (CFL) on Saturday or Sunday in 2nd class within Saarland, Lorraine and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is also valid for the EC / IC trains from Saarbrucken to Metz-Nancy and between Igel and Trier. This ticket is available at automatic ticket machines DB and SNCF sales points and online.

1 day Luxembourg-Lorraine

The offer "1 day Luxembourg-Lorraine" allows you to make a trip from any train station in Luxembourg to Thionville, Metz or Nancy and back at preferential prices. A discount is available for children and a special price includes entrance to the ‘Walygator’ amusement park

Price examples :

Thionville13,40 €9,40 €
Metz21,60 €17,60 €
Nancy28,00 €24,00 €
Walygator37,00 € 

32,00 €

Luxembourg-Lorraine buses

There are various buses between Luxembourg and Lorraine:

The RGTR bus (Luxembourgish national price or RegioZone)

  • Line 197 Luxembourg - Rumelange - Ottange 
  • Line 300 Kirchberg - Luxembourg - Thionville / Hayange 
  • Line 301 Leudelange - Elange - Thionville
  • Line 303 Manom - Kirchberg 
  • Line 319 Piennes - Luxembourg (Meuse-Express) 
  • Line 321 Luxembourg - Esch / Alzette - Villerupt (F) via Leudelange 
  • Line 322 Esch / Alzette - Rédange (F) 
  • Line 323 Kirchberg - Hettange/Grande - Yutz 
  • Line 325 Hussigny - Differdange - Luxembourg 
  • Line 330 Pétange - Athus (B) - Mont St Martin 

                  The TGL cross-border buses (Luxembourg national rate valid on all RGTR, AVL, TICE, CFL and TGL lines)

                  • Line 398 Rodange - Mont St. Martin - Longwy - St. Charles 
                  • Line 399 Rodange - Longlaville - Herserange – Saulnes

                  RegioZone prices

                  The RegioZone tariff is the main cross-border fare for buses to Luxembourg. It is valid on many cross-border connections, especially from the Saarland (SaarLuxBus), de Rhineland-Palatinate et de la Lorraine (RGTR lines 300 and 319).

                  Depending on the length of the journey, the fares fall into one of three categories:

                  RegioZone tickets are also valid on the entire Luxembourg network and thus allow Luxembourg connections.

                  Le confort de la Premiere Classe

                  Mobiregio is a collaborative platform bringing the public transport operators of the Greater Region together. Through cooperation we find ways to work together, exchange knowledge and best practices and inform the public of their options to travel in a sustainable way through the Greater Region.

                  The right price?

                  All prices and rates are valid from June 2014 but are subject to change. Check at the points of sale if the prices apply to your route and if you can benefit from any other cross-border advantages!