Did you plan your journey in the Greater Region? Mobiregio presents the best routes and rates for cross-border public transport for travelling between the Lorraine region of France and the Saarland in Germany, both for passengers with subscriptions and for occasional users of cross-border public transportation.




The Flexfahrt is an intermodal weekly or monthly subscription that integrates a rail journey on the TER Metrolor network and the urban networks (on line 10 and on the urban networks of Forbach and Saint-Avold).  In the Saarland, it is valid on the urban network of Saarbrucken.  It is particularly advantageous for those who want to frequently travel between the Lorraine and the Saarland. The Flexfahrt subscription is on sale at all the SNCF stations and boutiques, exclusively at the sales points


The Saar-Lorraine-Ticket is for individual travellers travelling 2nd class on the regional train lines (RE, RB, Metrolor). It is valid between all DB stations in Saarland and certain railway stations in Lorraine. The route Saarbrucken-Metz costs only 9.60 €. Buy your single ticket as well as your weekly or monthly subscriptions from automatic ticket distributors or at one of the DB or SNCF sales points and online.


One single ticket, three countries ! At the price of only 26 Euros for the first passenger (or 28 Euros at the ticket office) and 10 Euros for each additional passenger (maximum 5 people), the Saar-Lor-Lux-Ticket allows you to use all German (RE, RB Deutsche Bahn), Lorrainian (Métrolor) and Luxembourgish trains (CFL) on Saturday or Sunday in 2nd class within Saarland, Lorraine and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is also valid for the EC / IC trains from Saarbrucken to Metz-Nancy and between Igel and Trier. This ticket is available at automatic ticket machines DB and SNCF sales points and online.

The Saarbahn tram S1: between Saarbrucken and Sarreguemines

Circulating every half hour between 5 a.m. and midnight, the Saarbahn, for which the saarVV rate per zone crossed applies, connects Saarbrucken and Sarreguemines.

Bus lines between the Moselle and Saar

The Forbus 30:  from Forbach to Saarbrucken

This bus runs every hour between 6 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. on working days between the station of Forbach and Saarbrucken Central Station. Buy your ticket for 2.80 € from the driver or distributors. If you travel regularly, opt for a monthly subscription of 60.80 €

Mosel-Saar-Line MS between Saarbrucken and St. Avold

The Mosel-Saar bus (formerly MS1), which connects St Avold (bus station) with Saarbrucken (central station), stops in Forbach, Morsbach, Rosbruck, Nassweiler, Belle Roche, Merlebach, Freyming and Hombourg-Haut. Buy your ticket directly from the driver.

Mosel-Saar Line MS2 between Saarlouis and Creutzwald

Parallel to the line KVS 409 in Saarland, the line MS2 connects Saarlouis and Creutzwald and passes through Neuforweiler, Altforweiler, Berus, Bisten and Überherrn. Buy your ticket directly from the driver.

La ligne MoselleSaar de l'Eurodistrict

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Le juste prix ?

Tous les prix et tarifs indiqués sont valables à partir de juin 2014 mais sont susceptibles de modifications. Vérifiez auprès des points de vente réseau si ces tarifs s’appliquent à votre trajet et si vous pouvez bénéficier d’autres avantages frontaliers !