The Metrolor and SimpliCités card in Lorraine 

The Lorraine Region offers the TER Metrolor rail network, which is a viable alternative to the car.

TER Metrolor network is: 

  • 1,850 kilometres of railways
  • 170 railway stations and stops 
  • 565 TER on average per day 
  • 65,000 daily passengers




SimpliCites card for the TER Metrolor

The fast and modern SimpliCités card replaces bus tickets, train tickets and subscription cards. It can be recharged on the Internet but also in physical sales points that include a growing number of partners: 

  • Rail network: TER Metrolor
  • Departmental network of Meurthe-et-Moselle: TED
  • Departmental network of Moselle: TIM
  • Networks of urban and suburban transport around Nancy: STAN, SIT and SUB
  • District Metz Métropole: THE MET' with its bus rapid transit METTIS
  • District of Longwy: TGL
  • District of the Community of Municipalities of Forbach Porte de France: Forbus
  • District of the SMITU Thionville Fensch: Citéline 

A student may, for example, download a monthly youth pass for transportation from Grand Longwy for 10 € as well as an annual LE MET’ city bike hire subscription for 40 €.

Montez dans le Métrolor

Mobiregio is a collaborative platform bringing the public transport operators of the Greater Region together. Through cooperation we find ways to work together, exchange knowledge and best practices and inform the public of their options to travel in a sustainable way through the Greater Region.

The right price ? 

All prices and rates are valid from June 2014 but are subject to change. Check at the points of sale if the prices apply to your route and if you can benefit from any other cross-border advantages!