saarVV: the tariff structure of the Saarland

The saarVV is a tariff agreement that applies throughout the Saarland, with ticket offers and pricing to suit every need and every age: Daily or occasional user, student or senior, business trip or leisure, for the city, the urban area of Saarbrucken or all of the Saarland. One single ticket is valid for all public transport during your journey.

As in Rhineland-Palatinate, prices are determined based on the number of zones crossed through on the "Wabenplan". An annual subscription between Merzig and Dillingen (4 zones), for example, will cost 78.17 € per month. The price category 0 applies for the urban area of Saarbrucken and Völklingen, and a single ticket will cost you 2.50 €

The daily tickets of the saarVV are specifically tailored for leisure. They exist for individual travellers and groups up to 5 people. They are valid on all busses and trains in Saarland. 

The main Saarland companies are:


  • DB Regio Südwest
  • Saarbahn und Stadtbuslinien Saarbrücken
  • Saar-Pfalz-Bus
  • KVS
  • Völklinger Verkehrsbetriebe
  • NVG Neunkircher Verkehrs
  • Baron Reisen
  • Lay Reisen on Tour
  • Nikolaus Kirsch Reisen

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The right price ? 

All prices and rates are valid from June 2014 but are subject to change. Check at the points of sale if the prices apply to your route and if you can benefit from any other cross-border advantages!