Mobiregio is the brand for cross-border public transportation in the Greater Region.

The Mobiregio logo

The Mobiregio logo, with its lines, its curves and its interconnections, symbolizes mobility within the Greater Region. Its vocation is to facilitate the journey of the inhabitants of the border zone by improving the visibility of the cross-border public transportation.

The use of 3 colours illustrates the collaboration of the various partners in the INTERREG project "Mobility of the Greater Region", with an emphasis on green to represent the sustainability which is at the heart of this project.


Visual identity

A corporate identity was developed for the Mobiregio brand. In the form of a label or a complete design, this one has to serve to improve knowledge about the cross-border public transportation of the Greater Region. Any region with a measure of autonomy or operator of transport who would like to apply it on mediums of communication or the signalling system is invited to present its projects to the Working Group Communication.

Branding Mobiregio sur le quai

Mobiregio is a collaborative platform bringing the public transport operators of the Greater Region together. Through cooperation we find ways to work together, exchange knowledge and best practices and inform the public of their options to travel in a sustainable way through the Greater Region.

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