Leave a car in a park&ride, organise a carpool or occasionally use an electric car when carsharing ?There are various ways to go by car in the Greater Region


Park and Ride (P+R) in Germany and Luxembourg, Parking relay or relay Parks (PR) in France and Belgium, are very large car parks strategically interconnected with bus, train and highway networks, which allows you to avoid the stress and traffic jams in the cities.


Carpooling is sharing your personal vehicle with others going on the same route, giving other people a ride. It is a complementary mode of movement to other modes of transport (bus, train, tram). Carpooling is ecological, economical and user friendly.


You are away from home or you don't own a car? In this case, Mobiregio recommends car sharing or carpooling. With a subscription, you can occasionally use a car that's made available for community use. To save money and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, choose shared electric cars.

Electro mobility in the Greater Region

The new models of electric cars have greatly gained autonomy in recent years. Meanwhile, the government has promoted and subsidized research projects and the implementation of electric charging stations.

Elec'tra INTERREG project is an exemplary cross-border partnership in this emerging field, connecting the Moselle, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Luxembourg. This concept of cross-border mobility is expected to reduce individual trips to the Greater Region by promoting electro mobility complementary to public transport solutions.

Voiture à la gare

Mobiregio is a collaborative platform bringing the public transport operators of the Greater Region together. Through cooperation we find ways to work together, exchange knowledge and best practices and inform the public of their options to travel in a sustainable way through the Greater Region.